Learn from others wherever you are

Many times I have heard people tell me, “You read more books than anyone I know.”  I used to feel like a nerd for this.  Probably because most said that to make me feel nerdy.

But what used to feel nerdy to me, now gives me a feeling of pride and joy.  Because I am spending time learning from others and this is the final thing I am sharing with you this week about becoming who you are meant to be.

Learn from others wherever you are.

You see, I don’t go anywhere without a book.  At my non-ministry job, I am a fill-in to check in trucks full of products for a Proctor & Gamble plant.  It is not a hard job by any means but it can get busy at times.  However, I always bring a few books with me.  If you see me at a doctor’s office, I will have a book.  Waiting for drive-thru at McDonald’s, I have a book.  And most of the books have something to do with learning how to be smarter in business, finances, success, Christian thinking, and even a book of poetry to write better or a fiction book to tell better stories.

I try and learn everywhere I go.  And this is one of the reasons that I feel that I will succeed more than most of the people who ask the question that started this post.

I don’t think I am smarter than others.  I don’t think arrogantly about all that I can do.  I simply look at what I spend my time on and what they spend their time on and realize that I am using my time and they are usually wasting theirs.  This may sound arrogant to you but that is not my intention.  Don’t get me wrong, I spend a fair bit of time watching too much TV or messing around on the internet reading about pop culture gossip or scanning the blogs I subscribe to.  I’m not here to judge.  Just pointing out the rewards of intentionality.

My heart is to simply get you to do all that you can to do all that you love all the time.

Please read that again.
My heart is simply to get you
to do all that you can
to do all that you love
all the time.

That’s why I started this blog series: because you have a calling and God wants you to work out of love and not of obligation.

To be who you are meant to be, you must learn from others wherever you are.  So read a book, talk to someone who is doing what you love, share with others how to grow in their passions.  Simply do all you can to learn more so that ultimately you can do more.

In closing, I thank you for reading along this week and hope that you were blessed because of it.

Find out what you love.
Figure out how sustain doing what you love.
Do what you love with excellence.
Learn from others wherever you are.

If you do all those things, you will be blessed in whatever God has put on your heart to do. I promise you that.


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