Practically orphan

Last week I was sitting in Barnes & Noble and I couldn’t help but notice this little girl sitting all by herself.  No parent was near her and it seemed as if she was not even being watched.

The whole time I was focused on this little girl and where her parents were, I was just thinking about how much this is a representation of kids today.  I know there are a lot of kids who are practically orphans.  They have a parent or two in their home but those “parents” do not look after the interests of their kids.  I have been analyzing my parenting since the beginning of the year because Harrison is getting at the age that he is more and more impressionable each day.  And I want to show him Jesus.  I want to show him love and grace and mercy.  He needs to know what it means to be a man.  Therefore, I need to show him.

And as I get deeper into God’s Word, I realize how far I need to go in order to be the best father that I can be.  I need to be intentional about everything so that he knows not just what to do but why he needs to do it.

Now back to the little girl.  Just as soon as I was about to ask her where her parents were, her mom comes up from around the corner after getting her a drink.  You see it was all about perspective.  I didn’t see her mom there the whole time because I didn’t have a good enough perspective.  I needed to change my view.  And also about 5 minutes later, her dad joins her too.

You see, our parenting is also all about perspective.  Are we coming at it from our own selfish perspective or from the perspective of our kids?

I honestly don’t think there would be any orphans in this world if people saw things from their kid’s perspective.  It would break our hearts if we realized just how awful our kids had it because of our neglect.

So let’s do all we can to rid the world of orphans.  Both the ones without parents and the ones with parents.


3 thoughts on “Practically orphan

  1. Well-said, Jason! When the day comes that I am blessed to be married and with children, I plan to purchase and sign a document known as “The Resolution.” If you have seen the movie “Courageous,” you know what I am talking about. If you have not, I highly recommend the movie. It is a powerful look at the important role Fathers have, and why men of God need to step up to the plate. One of the best lines said by one of the Police officers in the movie: “If Fathers did what they were supposed to do, then half of the stuff we deal with on the streets wouldn’t exist.”

    Love you, brother. God bless!

    • I have seen that movie, Steve. It is a great one. I am actually reading through the book about the Resolution right now in my devotion time. It is really challenging. Vickie and I have talked about signing the Resolution and putting it up in the house somewhere.

      • Go for it, Jason! It would definitely help affirm your commitment to your family. When the day comes that I am blessed with children, it shall be a part of my household, so we may never forget what is said in Joshua:

        “As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.”

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