Simply sitting

One of my favorite things to do is to sit and simply read.  Nothing else to occupy my mind or my energy.  That is probably my favorite thing to do other than spend time with my family.

Honestly, this is an issue for me to because I don’t even compare sitting in God’s presence as I do to reading His word or a really good book.  And I’m not trying to say that God doesn’t move when I’m reading His word.  But seriously, we should be able to simply sit in His presence and let Him speak to us.

Reading the Word can become an activity that misses the heart of God.  And it should not be.

God desires us to get to know Him and that is the chief reason to read His word.  It is not for the purpose of knowledge but for the purpose of a deepening relationship.

And when we come at the Bible for simply knowledge of Him, we miss the heart of God.  We hit something that would be given to us anyways if we simply focus on deepening our love and devotion to Him.

So today, let’s simply sit in His presence like Mary and let Him move in us to do all that He desires for us.


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