In the midst

A few years back, I wrote a song called In the Midst with a friend.  It is a song that I have personally seen touch lives.  In my mind, it is my greatest creation.

Yet I can’t help but compare everything I currently create to it.  I am getting into writing more songs and in the back of my mind, this is always the thing I love the most.  It is just eating away at me.  And I feel like I have tasted a little success because that song has done more than I expected it to.  Granted it hasn’t won a ton of rewards or anything like that.  We haven’t even recorded it professionally.  But it has touched hearts and that’s more than I expected.

My friend Chris and I just wrote it to communicate what was going on within us.

And now that there is some taste of success (in my mind), I can’t help thinking that if the next song doesn’t do at least that, then it is a failure.

This is why I am so glad that I am coming deeper and deeper into the heart of God.  He is just showing me that all I need to do is rely on Him and sing to Him and He will take care of the rest.

So my encouragement for you is to stop comparing what you are doing to what you did.  Let the things now be a sacrifice and offering to God.  Don’t compare one offering to another.  There is no comparison because one was fine at one point and the other could be fine at another.

In each moment, in the midst of each point, do what God calls you to do.  It truly is unbelievably better that way.


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