I bleed Carolina blue

The ACC tournament is one of my favorite things to watch.  I believe that I like it even more than the NCAA tournament simply because the excitement is contained a little bit more locally in the ACC tournament.  I don’t have to worry about some team I have never heard of beating us.  There is a built-in rivalry there.  And that is truly exciting to me.

But I have never been to an ACC tournament.  It is something that is on my bucket list to do in the future.

All this made me realize just how much I care about certain things that honestly I can’t help but be into.  I have never contemplated truly why I am a Carolina fan.  It probably has a lot to do with my dad.  He brought me up as a Carolina fan and I respect and love him very much, so I took him at his word when he said they were the best.  It could also be the fact that I idolized Michael Jordan growing up and he went there.  Or it could be the simple fact that God created the sky to be carolina blue.

Regardless of the reason, I don’t have to try and bleed Carolina blue.  I just do.  Here’s another Jesus juke for you:

I don’t have to believe in God.  I don’t struggle to see Him move in my life.  I just believe and see those things naturally.  Yes, there are times where I feel like He lets me down but it wasn’t really Him.  It was my own selfishness.

Carolina lets me down at times.  And sometimes, I end up kicking one of Harrison’s toys across the room after a stunning loss.  But this doesn’t affect whether or not I believe.  I truly don’t have to think about whether or not I trust God.  I just trust Him with my whole life.

And I believe God just like I believe and love Carolina.  I can’t help but bleed for Him and yearn to pour out my life sharing my love for Him to everyone I know.

I bleed Carolina blue.  But I also bleed Jesus red.

I am honestly curious as to what you believe is most important and how you came to that conclusion.  Whether you are Christian, atheist, Jewish, agnostic, Muslim, or any other faith.  It would be an honor if you could share in the comments.


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