Set list 3.11.12

We are in a season at 24/7 where some of our key band members are out of town pursuing God.  And I am truly very excited for them.  However, it is hard because they are not here.

So this week we had a toned down week and did more of an acoustic set.  Our drummer played acoustic with me and did some awesome rhythm stuff on his guitar and we had another drummer join us on djembe.  We had an awesome time even though we weren’t able to practice but on Sunday for an hour.

Our church used to meet at another church that has since closed its doors and we have yet to secure a location to rehearse at during the week.  If you could be praying for us or could help us in any way to find a new location, that would be awesome.

Well here is our set list from yesterday:

Here is our King – David Crowder
Your grace is enough – Chris Tomlin
Divine Romance – Phil Wickham
Refuse to be denied – Desperation Band

It is well – Shane & Shane arrangement

What songs did you sing at your church this week?


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