Success starts with seeing God

Success is a very elusive thing that most people don’t quite know how to put into words but I believe that success is not something arbitrarily determined by wealth or happiness or anything of that nature.  Because wealth and happiness are determined because of comparisons to others.  I am wealthy compared to that guy.  I have more happiness than her.

Success is not about comparison.  Because then everyone not at the very top would lose.  Success is not about comparison.  It is about wholeness.

But wholeness in relation to what?  Or more accurately, wholeness in relation to whom?
I believe fully that success is determined in relation to the wholeness that only God can give.  The fact that we are whole as a person.

This comes first from the fact that we see God.  I truly believe that someone will never experience all that this life has to offer through any religion.  I believe that abundant life can only come from God.  And I know that this rubs people the wrong way.  It did for me as well as for countless others.  But I truly believe than when I am living out the Christian life in fullness, I am most fulfilled and satisfied.  I just think following Jesus is not only the only way to God.  I truly think it is the best way.  All the other religions just leave you confused and ultimately lost on the journey.

When I put others first, that’s success.
When I forgive those who have wronged me, that’s success.
When I’ve given all that I could to someone, financially, mentally and spiritually, that’s success.
When I have lived as Jesus would, that’s success.

And this success starts with seeing God.  Reading your Bible about Jesus will show you how He reacted to things and it will show you how far your life is off in relation to Him.  Spend time with Him.  Ask Him in prayer what He wants for your life.

So I encourage you to stop looking for things you can do and look at God and He will show you who He wants you to be.

Because success always starts with seeing God.


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