Desperation revisited

I have been reading through some of my old posts recently and I am just baffled by all that God has done in the past 5 years.  There is just no end to His faithfulness.

Here is one post that I read that hit me, simply because I am still yearning for the exact same thing:

There is a type of desperation that I wish I had.  A desperation that strives to bring others to God.  A desperation that yearns to seek God above all other things.  A desperation that leaves one breathless at the end of every day as well as captivated upon waking.

A desperation to burn for God.  John Wesley said it best, “I set myself on fire and people come from miles away just to watch me burn.”  A desperation to go to the ends of the earth, or across a lawn, to love someone in need.

That is what I want.  For that is what is lacking in my life.

You can find this old post here.


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