Putting a system in place is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  But the benefits will greatly change the way I do things.

The leaders at my church, 24/7 Church, have been working on a system to sustain growth and to build upon the foundation that God is giving us.  I truly believe that we are going to see some big things but I know that, until recently, we were not prepared for the growth God wanted to give us.

So we decided to be faithful in the little things and go after them with all that we have.  And we have made great strides in our church.  Both among those who are coming back as well as among our awesome volunteers.

This leads me to ask you, how can you put a sustainable system in your life to accomplish the things that you want?

What steps can you take today and every day to ensure that you are following through with what you want?

Those are the two questions that are most greatly influencing me personally and spiritually and as a church.


One thought on “Systems

  1. I’ve found that for the most part, there are a wealth of places to get systems- books, conferences, podcasts, other pastors. But the trick is, once you’ve implemented the system, working it and following up. I like to think strategically and make diagrams and plans. I think the difficult, and meat of the work of ministry is working your system consistently.

    And I think the second part of it would be getting feedback. What is working? How can you optimize? What’s not working? How can you fix or remove it? What is confusing? How can you clarify? And what’s missing? How can you fill the void? These are great questions to ask when you’re evaluating a system or program.

    But the big idea is that you have to work the plan.

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