Doing the dishes and taking out the trash are two things I hate to do.  I despise the thought of getting my hands all wet and soggy and then have to open bottles filed with milk that just might be crusty and moldy.  No, these dishes don’t get piled up for days and most times there is not any crusty, hardened milk.  Ok, they may have been in the past but I’m getting better.  But this is the thought I have when approaching washing dishes.

And don’t even get me started on the trash.  In my opinion, our trash can holds about 3 cups and a dirty plate.  That’s how often I feel that I have to empty it.  But I must digress.

I am starting to do those things that I despise because I love my wife.  Can I be honest?  I used to do those things because I wanted her to get off my back.  I did it because I didn’t want to hear from her about me not accomplishing my tasks.  This was a terrible way to treat her and to not be a true servant.

And then something happened.

God made me realize that I don’t do those things for me.  I used to do it simply for me (get her off my back).  I do those things that I despise for her.  It is a way to serve her.

And that has made all the difference.

What things in your life can you do to serve others?  Maybe it is as something simple as stopping to change a tire.  Maybe it is as simple as washing the dishes at your house and not letting them pile up like the tower of Babel.  Or maybe, it is getting down on your knees to wash your family’s feet.

Jesus said that He came not to be served but to serve.  And as Christians, He is our only example.  So let us not begrudgingly serve those we love.  Let’s serve them out of our love for them.


One thought on “Serve

  1. Yes, that’s it! When I serve I think of it as giving to God’s creations. Honoring Him, Loving Him and thanking him for those around me. loving those around me… Even the ones that get on my nerves like crazy or the hard to love. When it becomes a matter of the heart “doing” becomes such a gift. My mom was a servant to others and I do not know how many times she said after she got sick just how useless she felt because she could not do for others. I want that to be my heart. She did continue to serve God in her sickness. By needing to be served she taught and gave others the opportunity to be servants. We so grow from that experience.

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