I have been blessed with some great friends in my life.  Friends who stick with me when things are hard.  Friends who help me celebrate milestones in my life.  Friends who truly know how to make me laugh.

These guys are the tops and I’m honored to be in a church where I have more friends than I have had before.  Vickie and I are truly connected to a lot of people at our church and we are blessed because of it.  24/7 Church is a great church to my family and I honestly look forward to all the times that we are able to hang out.  Not just on Sunday mornings.  I truly long to enjoy people’s company from church.  There have been churches where I have gone to in the past where I was okay with seeing them once a week.  More of that issue was in me but regardless, I am at a place of great enjoyment in ministry.  And I have tons of other friends in other ministries who have the same thing where they are at.  But it is because they embraced their place.

And I want the same thing for you.  I pray that you find a church that you can connect to.  I really pray for that.  But more importantly, I pray that you find a church that you can’t disconnect from.  One where people won’t let you fall.  Where they won’t let you slip away.  Where they pick you up immediately.  Where they are like children and they immediately obey God with all their hearts.

I have seen many people come to our church and countless others and then not come back.  They, college students do this a lot but families too, are church hopping and will go to every church within 25 miles for a six-month period and never connect.  They say they are looking for the right church for them.  And I honestly don’t doubt that.  But here is my opinion:  you’re not going to find the right church.  You’re just not.  You’re going to find flaws in every single church you go to.  I have heard it said that there is no perfect church and if there was, once you came, it wouldn’t be.

We spend all this time looking when God is simply calling us to connect and dive in.  Embrace the church you attend.  You can’t figure out a church based on Sunday morning.  What if that was an off Sunday?  What if the normal preacher was out?  What if that one greeter who freaked you out moved away after you came?  You have to dive into a church if you are going to judge based on whether you fit.

I’m tired of people spending all their time looking and no time embracing.  Honestly, if you don’t connect to our church, that’s fine with me.  Let me help you find one but don’t spend six months looking.  Because you are honestly wasting a ton of precious time not being connected.

I pray that you find a church that you can connect to.  But more importantly, I pray that you find a church that you can’t disconnect from.  And it is all about perspective.  Once you find one that meets your general criteria (my recommendation: challenging word from the Scriptures that connects to your life and has good people seeking after God), go ALL IN with it.  I promise that you will be better for it.

You see, it is easy for us to dwell on the idea that the grass is always green on the other side.  But as I have heard someone say before, that is only because there is a broken septic tank on the other side.


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