The stench within

Have you ever seen those commercials where people get blindfolded and are brought to a house with all kinds of odors that have been Febreezed?

I love those commercials because they illustrate a great truth.  We all have things hidden deep within our hearts that we may not even know are there.  Things that if brought to the surface could destroy us.  Things that we have hidden so long because we cannot face them.

God is moving me in a direction where He desires to bring up those deep-seated issues so that I can be fully restored.  But I’m scared to face them.  I’d rather have a blindfold on than come face to face with the stench inside my heart.

I don’t really have a practical thing for today but it is a thought worth dwelling on.    Because we can only come to God in proportion to how much we let Him deal with what’s in us.


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