Comfort & security

The past couple weeks have been hard.  They have been because God took something away that we thought we needed more than we did.  He took away our comfort and security.

You see, Vickie had to drop 2 kids from her daycare because of rough circumstances and that cut her income in half and with me working part time for the church, we just don’t have the best financial assets to our name.

But God is good and I have been looking for some jobs outside of the church to help support us even more.  And I honestly have not had too much luck.  But I am praying for Him to move and we are honestly cutting back things that we thought we had to have in order to meet our needs.

I’d rather have my comfort and security come from God then from my own job or benefits.

That’s the most important thing that we are learning through all this.  God is to be our comfort and security and nothing else.


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