My precious

I have kept a journal for years and honestly, I cherish that gift.  One time, I left it somewhere and couldn’t find it.  If you’d have asked my wife, she would have said that it was my most valuable possession.  And honestly, I do cherish it above all other earthly possessions.

Why do I cherish it?

Because it speaks to my experiences and journey thus far.  There is nothing else in my house (other than wife and son) that show me in as vivid of detail where I have come from and how God has been so faithful.

And it is seeing God’s past faithfulness that I can trust Him for His future faithfulness.

So today, I encourage you to pick up a journal and start writing in it today.  Or if you do keep a journal, go back and look at some of your old entries and be encouraged because of how far you have come.  Your life will be greatly enhanced because of it.


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