Sitting rather than doing

I’ve got this itch that I can’t seem to scratch.  And it is deep within my soul yearning to break free.  You could see it’s bubbling just under the service trying to experience the beauties of this world.

And I am not going to let it.

Because it is my sin.  My selfish desires that are moved only by its own rudder.  Pushed by its own wind blown.

I’m trying to break free of sin’s hold on me because Christ is showing me how much I have to go and how deep some of my sins are.  They are deeply holding onto me.  And Christ is showing me that He has the resurrection power to work within me and change me from the inside out.

It is an exciting time to serve the Lord and I’m realizing that He is not calling me to serve Him but to know Him.  And there is a huge difference between those two that I am learning.

It’s my prayer that as Christians we can become more and more like Mary, sitting in the Lord’s presence, and stop trying to do all that we can to appease Him, like Martha.  Let’s just sit and know that He is God.  It’s much better that way.



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