Unexpected ways

My wife and I have been going through a tougher time than we have experienced over the past few months and its honestly hard.  We are taken care of but people have even shocked us with their generousity and it has been very humbling to experience.

However, most of the help has come from unexpected places.  I’m not sure if this is right but I am at the point where I expect my church to help us.  To look after us.  Because that is what Jesus tells us to.  He calls us to look after the other faithful (hear “Christians”) in our midst.

But I didn’t expect it to come from our neighbors and people we have just been starting to get to know and that has made all the difference.  Seeing God move in unexpected ways is exhilarating and I am honestly ecstatic about what He is doing.  But its hard.

And that’s okay.  We have people who have our backs.  And because we didn’t expect it, we are taking on more and more people’s backs as well.

So thanks to all who’ve helped.  Both from those we expected to help us and from those we didn’t.


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