Number One priority

“The number one priority in the life of a true disciple should be having a meaningful time with God daily.  If nothing else gets done in your day, this must get done.”
– Bill  Bennett

This is something that I have been working on the past few weeks.  It is not something I struggle with because I tend to share almost all my thoughts with Christ.  However, I now have 3 jobs that are keeping me busy for the summer and it is getting harder and harder to find time for myself, much less for God.  And I realize just how much God still needs to work on me about.

Sometimes I still view spending time with Him as a chore and He is breaking me of that desperation.

When I get off work, I honestly don’t want to go to my Bible or pray.  But it is something that I realize I’m lacking in.  Also, lacking in this area has truly led me to more frustration and worrying.  And this should not be.  So I’m getting back into a regular routine wherever I can find it.  Because God is worth it.  And frustration is not worth it.  So I will pursue Him if for no other reason than to see my life greatly enhanced.

But I realize just how much my happiness and joy are tied to His glory and fame throughout the earth.  So it’s better this way.  I would encourage you to pursue Him with all you have today.


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