Ever since preparing to see the Avengers, I have been enamored by comic books. I am not entirely sure why I get so wrapped up with them again. But I can’t go an hour thinking about which one I want to start next. It is almost becoming an obsession.

And I am loving it. Don’t get me wrong, they are not becoming an idol or anything of that nature. But they are becoming my main source of entertainment.

It is so interesting to me that the thing I used to insult other kids for is now what I love. That is how life works, I guess. I know many people who hate comics but love the movies. These people will probably look down on me for pulling out the latest issue of Batman when they themselves will wait in line for the newest movie to be released. It doesn’t really baffle me that Avengers has almost made a billion dollars because everyone loves a good story. Especially when combined with great actors and great superheroes coming together.

I can’t get enough of the new comics that I’m reading. Some are actually really old because I missed some of the main arcs in comics because I was too biased to check it out for myself. And I regret my preconceived notions. I missed out on a lot of fun due to my stubbornness. So as a 28-year-old man, I am now officially a comic book geek.

You might find me spending some time in the local comic book store reading about some Bruce Wayne’s latest adventure. Or it could be about Tony Stark, Hal Jordan, Yorick Brown, Rick Grimes or any other character that I’m learning more about.

What is the thing you do just for fun at this moment? You can’t include something you have to do. I love music but a lot of times I am simply practicing for my next gig or my next time leading worship. It is a lot of fun and what I consider to be my life’s purpose (leading others closer to God through music) but this is not my hobby. It is so much more than that because I’m expected to do it.

What is the thing you only do in order to have fun? Not to accomplish something but to just enjoy. For some it is golf (which I will never understand). For others, it is sitting at a park reading a book (which I also love to do). But what is the thing that just brings you happiness. If you don’t have one, go find out what it is and just embrace it. Go enjoy.


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