Desperation is such a hard thing to live by.  To have it, you must always be concerned about where you are.  And to me, this sounds contrary to all I know.  However, I trust that God has more for me at all times.

The two things I desire more of seem to go against each other in many ways yet I am pursuing both equally in Him.  Through logic, I believe they make a paradox.


Desperation is being despaired to want more.
Contentment is satisfied with where we are.

In Christ, I yearn for more of Him yet can find peace in where He’s taking me and what He’s bringing me toward.

That is huge.

In the urban dictionary, desperation is 3 things:

1. a desperate state of mind. “I can’t put up with this much longer.”
2. in dire staits. “I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.” and my favorite one:
3. in need of a bathroom. “I really need to pee….NOW!”

I yearn for both of those things at this moment and truly wish for God to use me even more in the coming days.


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