hobby v. career

I heard some great advice the other day.

If you want your hobby to become your career, treat it as a career and stop treating it as a hobby.”

That is great advice because it showed me that I have left things on the table and have yet to pick them up and go ALL IN with them.  I want to be a writer.  I want to be a musician and I want to be in full time ministry.  But how much time do I put into those things?  How much of my day are devoted to those things?  How much money do I put towards those things?

My level of commitment is directly tied to how I view what I do.

Do I view music as a hobby?  Then it will always be that way.  Or do I view it as a my life’s calling and a career I will spend my last days doing?  Then I will spend the time necessary to do it.


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