Wallet v. passions

My wallet can’t keep up with my passions.  I know that I am not the only one to struggle with this.  In our day and age, people in America have all these diverse dreams about what they want to do.  There is no American dream, if you ask me, because we daydream too much.  We have all these things that we wish to do.  We want a boat, an Escalade, a beach house, a music career, a series of books published.

To most people who play the lottery, they think about the money and then their dreams stop there.  I am probably changing jobs soon and a financial increase is there and I have made myself stop thinking about all the things that I can get (or really, buy) and think about what dreams I have for life.  How can I let my wallet fund my dream?  Not buy me new toys.

Do you ever find yourself struggling to do all that you want to do?  Not because you aren’t actually pursuing the things you wish to do but simply because you can’t put forth the money to do what you wish?

I have developed a renewed fondness for comic books and I wish to purchase all that I can at this moment.  In fact, there are 5 series that I wish to join in with right at this moment (if you must know, they are Mind the Gap, Morning Glories, Batman, Action Comics: Superman, Ultimate Comics Spiderman) and a few more that I’m on the fence about (Saga, Secret, Walking Dead, Manhattan Project, Locke & Key, Avengers, Flash, and TMNT).  But my wallet can’t keep up with my passions.

This dilemma can lead to two avenues:  1) Buy as I can. or 2) Get all you can for free.

I have learned that there are options for those who wish to start their dream before they can actually fund it.  You can search around for free options.  These paths are out there, if you look.

For me, with comics, I spend time in the stores reading the comics before I buy them.  Yeah, the store might get angry at me, but I don’t care.  I eventually buy what I enjoy and they have made me a stronger customer because of it.

But for music, I have learned that I can listen to all kinds of albums on Spotify without having to buy them.  I use the mobile version which costs but I could sit by a computer and listen to the music for free at home.

For leadership books, I had to learn the hard way that most of the books I wanted to read are accessible for free at my local library.  I didn’t need to spend a paycheck on all the books I wished to read.  I have a way to read them without breaking the bank.

My whole point in this longer-than-expected post is that don’t make excuses.  Go searching for what you want and you can get it.  And you’ll be surprised how much you learn.


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