I yearn to learn

There are quite a bit of things on my to-read list at this moment and I’m honestly not sure where to begin.  That’s a dilemma I never thought that I would face 10 years ago when I graduated high school.  In fact, I don’t remember reading a single book in high school for fun.  That is so sad to look back on and realize.

I’ve been asked quite a few times why I read so much and honestly, I point to the results of the Strengths test I took a few years ago.  I don’t remember all of my strengths but I do remember that my top 3 were Input, Woo, and Adaptability.

I used to think that Woo was my strongest one but now I am seeing Input outshine that one and all the other ones in a decisive way (imagine the Heat overpowering the Thunder).  For those who don’t know, WOO is winning others over.  It is the ability to find a connection with new people and then win them over.  It is being someone who is liked by almost every person they meet.

Input is craving to know more.  That is me to a T.  I yearn to learn.  And it is something I am not shy about.  I have talked previously about how most think that I am an outgoing person but if given the choice between a book and a person, I will choose the book.  And honestly, I have actually hated myself for this through the years but I am now yearning to embrace it.

I don’t just want to learn about something because I wish to be smarter.  I truly want to use it as a connection point to others.  And it has worked a lot through the years.  I have made connections with comic book geeks, scientists, English majors, teachers, musicians, and a vast number of other diverse groups.

Have you taken the Now Discover Your Strengths test with Marcus Buckingham and Gallup?  If not, I encourage you to do so.  If so, what are your strengths?


One thought on “I yearn to learn

  1. Jason,
    Developing the posture of a learner implies humility. I think you are right about learning from others and connect with them. Good post. Futuristic, Ideation, Strategic, Belief, Connectedness.

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