That thing you do

Over the past two weeks, I have heard four different people say that I read more books than anyone they know.  Those four people know a vast amount of people too.  And that was the way they introduced me.  It basically went like this, “hey _____, this is Jason.  He reads a lot.  Like a ton.  Like more than anyone else I know.”  Almost word for word each time.

This strikes me as odd because I don’t try to do that.  I have never read a book in order for someone else to recognize me for it.

At least that used to be the case.  Until 4 different people said that about me.  Now ever time I sit down to read, I question why I’m reading.  And how much more time I can spend doing it so I can add to my list on Goodreads.

This thought hit me square in the face because it makes me think of Jesus.  It makes me realize just how much He cares about us.  Because He knows that once we see the recognition that comes from doing something, we will try and do it for that reason alone.

And then we miss the point.  Until two weeks ago, I didn’t read so others could recognize me as that guy who reads a bunch.  I read because I enjoyed it and found that it was better than sitting in front of a TV all the time.  (Just so you know, I still watch TV.  Probably too much).

So when you do something, do it for the love of it.  Not because someone else will say “hey do you know ______?  He reads a ton.  Or works out a ton.  Or spits rhymes like no one else I know.”  The reward you get is from doing that thing you love not from others seeing that thing you do.

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