Thoughts from selling cars

Since I started selling cars in July, I have realized a few things.

The biggest part of the job is just showing up. There are many times at work where I will miss out on a sale because I just don’t get up out of my chair and try and show a car to someone.  I let someone else take it.

There is only so much you can do.  I can’t even begin to show you how many times I have sold the mess out of a car and yet they still were not able to buy due to many different factors.

Simply focus on what you can do and do that to the best of your ability.  Don’t worry about the things you can’t control.  Also, don’t worry about what the other salesmen are doing.  They don’t earn your paycheck.  You do.

Enjoy it all.  This should be one of the easiest to explain yet hardest to live out.  But find something in every conversation you have to make you better.  Have fun with every person you come in contact with.

Make connections somehow with every person.  I truly believe that we all have something that we can use to connect with others.  It could be a favorite team, show, friend, or any number of other things.

There are many things I learn every day at work and I look forward to sharing more soon.



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