Feeling refreshed is one of the hardest emotions to grab ahold of. It seems to always be just out of reach but always there. A mirage. An oasis.

But what I learned today is that it comes from doing what you love.

You’ll only be refreshed by doing what you love. What you’re called to.

So pursue that which you love with all your heart.



I’ve struggled with finding my calling this past year. It’s been a little overwhelming but honestly the thing that keeps coming back to me is who I’ve always been.

You see I can’t help but want to do certain things that aren’t my nature. That aren’t the driving force of my life. Things that are expected of me but ultimately drain me.

I look at who I am and certain things have always been true about myself. And now I’m trying to bring those things to the forefront of my mind and life.

So if you ask me what my New Years resolutions are, they are to find out what makes me come alive and do them more.

What are you resolved to do this year?

The point

“Salesman prove points, artists tell stories. Which one are you?”

I just read this thought. And it blew my mind. We are all wanting to live lives worthy of who we are.

I too many times have nothing to share other than the point I’m trying to make.

This year my goal is to live some amazing stories. And let that be my point.