Cru, our new adventure

Starting fresh is something people always yearn to do.  And I am just the same.  Right now, my wife and I are applying to be on staff with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) and it is an exciting time.

Exciting because we can see lives changed through our impact at the collegiate level.  But also scary because we have to move outside of our comfort zone and reach out to those people who desire to make an impact in this world in a great way.

Most college students I know are looking to change the world in whatever facet they choose.  They are looking to go aggressively into whatever avenue affords them and take charge.  And this would be an honor to help push students further.  These are the types of people who don’t take crap from anybody and they don’t care what you know as long as you reach out and share that love and desire with the world.

One other benefit is that if you can’t reach these students in college for Christ, they probably won’t ever be reached for Christ. Studies have shown that college is the time that you build a foundation on where your life will be headed.  Even more so than high school and after this time.

And to be a part of that is exciting.  But also scary.

Not just scary because of the work that we will be doing and the students we will have the opportunity to impact.  But scary because when one joins Cru, one has to raise the funds necessary to support themselves.  And that is terrifying to my wife and I.  I am not sure how to fundraise other than through a a bake sale or car wash and to do so while putting my family’s livelihood on the line takes that fear up another few notches.

But all in all, this is where we feel led at the moment and we are trusting God to bring us to the realization of how to do it.  So be praying and if you are willing, send us an email at musicbunch[at]hotmail[dot]com or jasonbunch89[at]gmail[dot]com.  We can tell you more about our heart and what we may need from each of you.


The Bunches


One thought on “Cru, our new adventure

  1. What you need to do is come up with offering opportunities and support plans that are realistic for individuals who are interested in investing in your ministry. For instance, If you found 100 donors (couples, individuals, organizations) to pledge to give you $1 a day (that is $365 per donor) you will have successfully raised $36,500.00. You could even cut that in half to 50 cents a day between 200 donors and you will half raised the same amount. Connect with the churches surrounding your target university and not only establish meaningful relationships, but also give them an opportunity to support you by sharing your plans with them.

    I’m so excited for you both, make sure you stay connected with a community of spirit-filled leaders who will be able to pour into you and support you spiritually so that you won’t get burned out. This is absolutely essential. Ministry should come from the overflow of Christ’s life in your heart, otherwise you will empty yourself and have nothing left to give.

    Finally, I don’t know who said that people are less likely to come to know Jesus after college but they are completely bogus. God is a God makes the impossible easy. Since I have studied a bunch about God and stuff, my studies have show that all those people better watch out, because God likes to do the very things that people say can’t be done. 🙂 Anywho, Peace and Love guys!

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