Learning about me through my son

I always learn so much about myself as I am watching my son.  I learn that I used to have boundless energy and ask tons of questions, as my family can surely attest.  I also learn that I have a great heart for being around people who can help me.  We were at Safari Nation today and Harrison couldn’t get up this one slide so he had this other girl behind him help him.  He had no issue asking her to help him where most kids would shy away.

I love that about him.  I first thought that that is something that I have no problem doing myself but I realize that most of the time, I don’t ask for help.  I simply go about my business trying to do all I can to improve.  I, like most men, do not stop to ask for directions.  Even if GPS tried to steer me in the wrong direction… like… into a lake, I like Michael Scott would take that route and suffer the consequences.

I hope I continue to learn more and more about myself as Harrison grows older.  That’s truly what parenting is about, right?

I also learned that if you get in his way and you are older, it doesn’t matter, he will push you down the slide so he can get his turn.


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