Discipline is one of those hard things that I can’t seem to grasp.  That elusive patronus that I look at from a distance only to change once I draw near (and yes, you are welcome for the Harry Potter reference).

I am not a very disciplined person and this bothers me.  I had a roommate in college who had the greatest discipline I have ever seen.  He got up each day and read his Bible and prayed for an hour before getting out of bed bright and early.  He had his schedule laid out like a regimented plan for growth.  He even had to schedule in times to watch TV.  This fascinated me and looking back, still does.

I am not like that.  When I get a planner out, I just want to fill it with tasks to be done but present no order whatsoever. And shockingly, I get those things done when written down in this manner.  But when I write down in the manner of my friend or many others like him, I get frustrated and lose sight of things and then ultimately miss out on doing much at all because I hate to feel constricted like that.

So I am learning to change my ways and just do things the way that brings me the most excitement.  After all, if I don’t get any joy out of it, then I won’t do it and it will become a great chore that eventually will fall off my radar.  Just like my conversation with my friend Mike, I need to learn to take time for myself and approach things the way that makes the most sense to me.

I have been running a lot the past week or two and it has been good for my soul and for my body and for my discipline.  And the biggest change is that I am trying to do it in an enjoyable way.  I hate running, therefore I run first and get that out of the way, and then I walk an extra distance whereas in the past, I would run a little and then be done.  Now I find myself getting a lot more ground covered and enjoying myself a little bit more.

On top of that, I am not approaching the discipline of exercise by calling it working out or running (which is something you do instinctively if being chased) but by saying that it is a time where I work on my body.  It’s better for me this way and I am definitely seeing some results.

How do you approach discipline in your life?


One thought on “Discipline

  1. Right now, I am trying to discipline myself on a new meal plan, and getting some form of exercise in five to six days a week. In the middle of my first week on it, and it has been a bit difficult to follow 100%. But being on the program itself is helping me to discipline myself. Even when I do stray from the program, I actually look for healthier alternatives at restaurants. For example, the other night, when I went out with some friends to Brixx Pizza, I actually ordered off the vegetarian menu (But, I’ll be honest, the Greek Pizza sounded good, and turned out being awesome!).

    But exercise seems to be a bit tougher to discipline myself on. This week, I have vowed to walk every day this week, at least a mile, to get myself used to doing some form of working out every day. Hopefully, I can discipline myself enough to where I not only remember to do it every day, but it eventually becomes routine. I just hope and pray that all of this works out in the end.

    God bless!

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