Tony Robbins

Being more positive can definitely be a game-changer for you if you embrace it.  This past week, I was watching a TED talk with none other than Tony Robbins, the giant, big-chinned guy who swallows people whole on Family Guy*.  He is also known as the guy who is a motivational speaker and leads conferences/seminars around the world.  He probably has a worth of $100 million and is definitely someone worth hearing about, not just because of his wealth and fame but because of his great advice.

And in this talk, he was discussing some of the principles, in 20 mins or less, that he always shares with the leaders who attend his talks around the world, only starting at $2,000.

Basically, you can sum up a lot of what he says by simply saying as my friend, Isaac, is known to say, that if you believe it, you can achieve it.  This is nothing new.  This is not some new concept that Tony Robbins has been throwing around the last few years.  It is something that countless self-help people and even some biblical people have shared throughout the years.

If you believe it, you can achieve it.

While I think there is definite truth to that, I wonder what we are trying to achieve.  The thing about Mr. Robbins that stuck out to me on that TED talk was not that we need to pour ourselves into what we want to see happen in our lifetime.  The thing he said that hit me was that we should switch our focus from ourselves to giving of ourselves to others.

That is a principle I am willing to get behind.  That’s something I will scream throughout the world.

So here is my advice for you today:
Stop focusing on what you can do and give so that others can do what they alone can do.

I truly believe that that sentence is going to change my life and has the power to change yours as well.  Zig Ziglar, another self-help guru as well as a great spiritual writer as well as a great sales leader, once said that we will only be able to do what we want to do if we help enough people do what they want to do.  That is my paraphrase but it is so dead-on and really makes me desire to get out of my bubble and go share with everyone a passion to change the world, one day, one interaction at a time.

So what can you do today to change the world?

*I don’t mean to make fun of Tony Robbins.  I just think that it is a hilarious caricature on Family Guy.

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