Root of all evil

Money truly can become the root of all evil if you let it.  Desiring what others have can be quite a disastrous way to live.

So today, I want to propose that we all focus on what we have and let nothing rob us of that.

Vickie and I have been looking at getting a swing set for Harrison.  A nice magical one that will make all his dreams come true but small enough to fit in our nice 1/4 acre lot.  And we have been debating on getting a swing set/playhouse vs. a trampoline.  My vote probably goes toward the trampoline because 1) they are easier to put together, and 2) see #1.

But my fear is that no matter what we get, it won’t live up to our expectations.  Clearly, reading the above paragraph shows that we set the bar high for our kid.  And I myself am not the best at putting together….things.  I get angry if directions aren’t clear and particle board shatters when I look upon it with disgust.

So needless to say, we are going to be getting a background play thing that we wish serves the purpose we get it for.  But my fear is also that we will see what someone else has and then regret our decision because we get jealous and envious.

All this to say, we covet your prayers because we are flawed individuals.

What things do you most look and compare with others?


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