Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!

Today, I can’t help but thank my Dad, Robert Bunch.  After all, it is Father’s Day and this is the thing that a child must do on Father’s Day.  But I don’t write this out of obligation but out of gratitude.

Gratitude for the times you played catch with me when I was little knowing that you had just put in 80-100 hrs that week to work to put food on the table.

Gratitude for the moments you spent showing me how to be a man, by allowing me to make my own choices, even though you helped guide me along the way.

Gratitude for all those trips every 2-3 weeks to SC to pick me up for a short weekend when you and my mom got divorced.  And also gratitude for enduring those trips with sing-a-long tapes.

Gratitude for getting me a walkman really young because you couldn’t stand those tapes Uncle Bill gave me as a gift for Christmas and as a torture device for you.  Getting me a walkman so young probably is one of the main catalysts for why I love music so much.

Gratitude for not getting Harrison those same sing-a-longs.

Gratitude for that time where I was 5 years old and we got out of the car and I switched the car from park to drive and hit the gas pedal into a tree/wall.  You didn’t make me feel as terrible as you could have and I still remember that lesson to this day.

Gratitude for the fact that you didn’t give me everything I wanted but gave me everything I needed.

Gratitude for buying me that gold trumpet that I loved so much in 10th grade when you could have gotten me the silver Bach Strad like everyone else had for because it was a less inexpensive version.

Gratitude for the absolutely mind-boggling thought that you took me to all of my games and  band concerts/rehearsals as a single dad.

Gratitude for the way that you watch my son and enjoy spoiling him rotten whenever you see Him.

So here’s to you, Dad, on this Father’s Day.  I hope that my son feels half as much joy toward me as I feel for you.  I love you dearly.

And to all of the other Fathers out there, you truly made a difference in my life and I know that you will in countless more.

And to all those kids out there without a Father, it is my prayer that you have a man in your life who can step up in the greatest way by simply giving you his time and knowledge.  And that you realize that your heavenly Father is the best there ever will be.


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