First memory

What is the first memory you had as a kid?

The only one I remember pre-5 years old was when I got sick one time at my mom’s and she gave me a dragon looking stuffed animal that made me feel better.  It didn’t magically make me feel better as I clutched him in my arms.  Now that would be a thing worth writing about.  But that memory is the first one I have.  And that scares me.  Because I’m sure lots of other things happened before I was 5 years old.  But no matter what I try, I have only been able to remember that dragon.

I do remember vague things like going to kindergarten but specifics are not there to recall. Its like it didn’t happen or that I didn’t exist.

This scares me for me but also for Harrison.  Because if his life plays out like mine has, he still has not entered his remember-phase.  The time we had at Safari Nation the other week is not there.  The first time he got scared of fireworks at the Grasshoppers stadium would not be there.  The first moment he caught a ball while we were playing catch outside is not there.  The first time he ever saw Batman is not there.  Gasp, this is serious business.

I heard about a researcher who is trying to help people recall their early days, and I may look it up to fix my memory because honestly, without the stuffed dragon, I would have nothing.

I may be on a ramble today but that’s what you signed up for when you hit subscribe.  I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson in the world of Bunch.

I guess the lesson is cherish the moments you have because at 29, you may not remember them.

What is your first memory?  Or at least, what is the first memory you remember?


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