Yesterday, I talked about my first memory.  Today, I want to speak about what I hope is my last.

I hope that at the end of my life, I have made a difference in people’s lives.  Yes, I do hope that my funeral is crowded but honestly I hope that most of the people I have impacted don’t know that I pass.

I have a great memory of the week of my Father-in-law’s funeral that I will cherish as long as I can.  He was such a great man and I know that he has left a great legacy for not only his family but also for those in his business and for those he helped to counsel.  But the one thing that most sticks out about that week was something my sister-in-law said at the funeral home while visiting his body.

When you walked into the long room where they kept Charlie’s body in his Marine blues was his casket, some flowers, and a shirt with his grandkids’ handprints on it that he was going to wear to his chemo treatments but didn’t want to mess up the shirt.  This is normal stuff for this type of occasion but there was another set of flowers in the corner.  She went over to those flowers in the corner and said, “I have no idea who these people are and Dad made an impact on them.  We don’t even know all those he impacted.”

We don’t even know all those he impacted.

That’s awesome.  That’s what should happen.  I could dig deeper and try to figure out if he even knew his impact but that’s not the point.  We are called to impact tons of people by our choices each and every day.  And we are supposed to do it not for any recognition but because, most of all, it needs to be done.

So to my Father-in-law, I thank you.  You impacted me greatly.  And so many more.

I truly hope that the same thing can be said of me.

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