The wrong question

What will be my magnum opus?

I don’t think that is the question most people ask.  Actually, I think it is the wrong question.  I don’t picture Stephen King sitting around asking of his magnum opus.  Or Ludwig van Beethoven.  Or George R.R. Martin.  Or J.J. Abrams.  Or Steve Martin.  Or Dave Chappelle. Or Lebron James.  Or Justin Timberlake.

I see them ignoring that question and just doing what they love and writing/singing/playing/directing the things they want to see happen.

But why do we lesser folk ask that question.  You probably don’t use those words but you probably say things like “when am I going to do what I’m called to do?”  Or “when am I going to do what I love?”  Or “when am I going to be happy?”

We get stuck on the question while they’re pursuing the answers.

That’s the difference between most people doing that which we would love to do and us, sitting at Starbucks dreaming about it while simply watching/reading/listening to their works and just admiring it.

So I am vowing to stop asking so many questions and to start stepping into the game.  Will you join me?


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