God > i

God > i.

This simple idea is shaping up to a whole lot more than I bargained for.  It is actually a tattoo I got a couple years back but it comes from the idea that when Moses first met God, God told him that He was the Great I AM.  The end-all be-all to everything we ever wanted to know and do.  In fact, He was/is greater than all that we will ever know.

When I see my tattoo, I see the fact that HE > i because I focus on such little trivial things while He holds the world in His hands.  I focus on my little pea-sized problems while He has issues of the universe to deal with.

I think on the fact that my life is a vapor and lasts but a moment while He has been interacting with people since the beginning of time and even existed before time.

This simple idea has captured me and is the subject of what I am yearning to be focused on from here on out.  So you may see me writing more about God and less of me in the near future.  But unfortunately for you, I will always have a part to play because the main thing in my life until I learn to stop being so selfish is me.

But I hope that you get a glimpse of God being greater than all that you know this weekend.  It is a restful thought when you catch it.

See you Monday.


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