This week means a lot to me.  Not just because of the freedom that we have been given by being Americans.  But simply because I get a day off this week. 

A simple day of not having to go to work and getting to do all that I want with the ones I love. 

That rest is so simple yet so hard to experience.  I remember last summer working about 40+ days in a row without a day off.  It was worth it to work that much because my family is worth it.  But it was tough.  I didn’t have high stress jobs at the time (unless you can count Olive Garden in that category, which was stressful at times) but it was still hard.  And this summer, I am working hard to provide for my family even better. 

However, I remember the love I have for them and I cherish taking a day off this 4th of July.  Just.  To.  Spend.  With.  Them. 

That’s all I’m gonna do.  And I hope you do too with your family.


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