Be yourself

I am reading through a great book right now – The Catalyst Leader by Brad Lomenick, who is the leader of the Catalyst leadership movement out of Atlanta.  It is all about the 8 essentials for becoming a change maker. 

This book will probably be a resource I will come back to again and again but right now, I can’t mark up the copy I got from the library too much so I am just slowly progressing through it now. 

I bring all the above up just to share with you a great quote by one of my favorite pastors in America, Craig Groeschel, who leads which you probably know because you use their Bible on your phone – Youversion, which is nothing short of amazing. 

But here is the quote:

“Be yourself.  Authenticity trumps cool every time.” – Craig Groeschel

We try to be cool.  We try to be hip.  We try to know the lingo of the world and be up-to-date with the trends of twitter and in pop culture.  But the most important thing you can be is yourself. 

Not some cheap copy of someone else, as I have written about many times before.  Be you because only you can be that. 

I don’t want to be Craig Groeschel.  Sure, I would love his influence and reach and probably his financial royalties from his books.  But that’s not why I am here.  And I am not here to have the comedy stylings of Jim Carrey or the charisma of Jimmy Fallon or the sheer crazy work ethic of James Franco. 

I am here to be me.  And you’re here to be you.  So go be yourself.  After all, if you’re just trying to impress others, you’ll probably come across as fake and no one will want to be around you. 

It’s just better to stop the games and stop pretending you’re someone else.  Life will be much easier and you’ll have a lot more fun.  So go be you.


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