The 4th

The freedom that this week should remind us of is astounding.

To live freely and believe freely without the hardship of being persecuted and being utterly put to shame.  To not suffer for the stands that we take in our lives. To gain independence from condemnation for the lives that we choose to live.

That is awesome.  I hope that this week finds you blessed beyond imagination because you didn’t take for granted the price that was paid for us to live our lives in this wonderful country.

It is not just about the fireworks (which are awesome) and the grilling out.  But about the independence that we have been given.

So raise a glass to those who died to bring us this freedom but let’s remember that we have one life to live and that it is not to be taken lightly but to be lived fully.

And join in with those great words of our National Anthem as we watch the show in ballparks and fields and backporches and on the national lawn by celebrating that we have so much to remember to be thankful for.

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