What’s captivating

This summer has been filled with blockbuster movies and I am loving it.  I’ve seen so many good ones ranging from the Great Gatsby to Man of Steel to Iron Man 3 to World War Z.

But I just wonder, what are some books that I should be reading?  Most movies nowadays are usually driven from the books that preceded them or are sequels that build upon previous movies.

So what am I missing?  What great books should I be reading?  Who are some of your favorite authors?  What captivates you right now?  It could be about zombies, Christian living issues, humor, leadership, self-help, stories about Japanese warriors, whatever it is.

Let me into your world.  What defines a good story to you?
I hate missing out so let me be a part of your world a little.
In the words of the philosopher, Michael Scott, “I love inside jokes. I’d love to be a part of one someday.”


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