Reflecting vs. absorbing

Over the next week or so, I want to share some great thoughts that I have had by reading through Brad Lomenick‘s new book, The Catalyst Leader.  Brad is the president and key visionary of Catalyst, which is a huge movement designed to inspire Christian leaders.  The biggest thing that they are known for is the gathering in Atlanta every October, where thousands of leaders come together.

But the reason I wish to share some thoughts from his new book is because I am being really challenged by it and I definitely feel that it is worth a read through by you and every leader you know.  It is that good.  I’m about halfway through as I write this and I do believe that once I return it to the library, I will be going out to buy my own copy to mark up quite extensively.  So today, here is one quote that truly rocked me.  My thoughts will be below.

“The best leaders are reflectors of praise, not absorbers.”  – Brad Lomenick, The Catalyst Leader, p. 127.

This is what I wish to be.  I tend to desire to take credit for all that comes my way.  I, as a worship leader and speaker, am seen up front quite extensively.  Most of the things I do are upfront for all to see.  This definitely has its downside because most things I do have a guaranteed reaction that is quite prominent either positively or negatively.

However, I need to be focused on what goes on behind the scenes and this statement definitely leads itself for me to watch what I do and stop taking credit and give that praise to others.

I shouldn’t be hogging the spotlight and neither should you.  Give credit to those who helped you get through the good times and the bad.  Give credit to those who make the effort to clean the church when you just go there to rehearse once a week.

A couple weeks ago, I arrived at Awestruck for a rehearsal about 30 mins early because Subway didn’t take as long as they usually do and finished my sandwich (work of art) quickly.  And when I got there, no other band member was there but there was Brenda cleaning up.  And she told me that she had been there since lunch time.  This is a huge deal because it was 7 that night.  She deserves the credit way more than I do or any of the other band members.

So let’s start reflecting praise and not asbording it so much.


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