As I mentioned yesterday, I will be going through Brad Lomenick‘s, leader of the Catalyst movement out of Atlanta, new book this week. It is called The Catalyst Leader and you must check it out.

“Don’t play it safe.  Chase after something so much bigger than you are, there’s no way you could ever accomplish it without God.”  (p. 103)

One of the essentials for becoming a change maker, according to Lomenick, is that we must be courageous as leaders.  If we did have a great calling from God, but no courage to chase after it, then we would not amount to much so I truly wish to take ahold of this courage that he speaks of and go after it with everything I have. 

I don’t want to dream of writing a book that people read 100 years from now without having the balls to get up early and write it and fail many, many times while trying to do so.  I want to have the courage to share everything I am going through and let it help whoever it needs to. 

I don’t want to fear having others write disrespectful reviews of my book/music but I must let that fear go if I am going to plunge forward doing what I love. 

So as you pursue whatever it is you wish to go after, embrace the courage and plow through regardless.


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