Take the plunge

This week has been a great week of essentially letting someone else write the posts.  I haven’t had a guest writer this week but I let Brad Lomenick do a lot of sharing through his new book.  He will probably never read this blog but I truly appreciate his new book, The Catalyst Leader.  He did not endorse this in any way but I was so encouraged while reading his book that I had to share some things from it.

To finish out the week, I am going to let his words close us out.  These words end the 5th chapter simply titled Courageous (which was probably the most impactful chapter to me).

I often write down a list of ten things I’m afraid of and then let a friend pick three I’ll attempt to conquer this week.  I think back on the last six months and ask, “Is there something God’s nudged me on that I’ve ignored?”  There are good exercises for any leader who wants to lead boldly, and they will empower you to lead well.

What if we stepped into all God has created us to be?  “Fear not” and “do not be afraid,” Scripture reminds us.  No matter what your calling or what challenges you’re confronting, every leader must make a choice.  You can sit on the mountaintop and enjoy the view, or you can leap into the free fall of riskiness.  You can appreciate all you’ve accomplished, or you can step off the ledge and take the plunge.  Take it from me.  The jump may be risky, but the decision to stay where you are is even more so.”  (p. 118)

I hope that you have a great weekend.  And do yourself a favor and pick up Brad Lomenick‘s new book, The Catalyst Leader.  Even if you didn’t like some of the things I shared with you this week (shame on you!!!), he has some great stories with people who are shaping culture and the Church around the world.

What is a book that has recently challenged you?  What is one of your favorite quotes from it?


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