Losing this bunch

Over the past few months, I have been determined to lose weight.  Not just because I want to be sexy for the wife.  But also because I’m tired of being….well, tired.

I’m tired of stairs or hills being my enemy.  And I’m tired of being worn out after throwing my son on the couch.

So, I’ve been getting up early to do the worst thing imaginable…run.  Run away from the fat that has haunted me for the past few years.  You see, in high school, I was skinny. I wasn’t Justin Bieber skinny but I was a lot lighter.  Let’s just say the asphalt didn’t creak when I walked on it as it cries out today.

And I have thoroughly enjoyed this whole new running/power walking I do each morning.  It makes me want to tackle the day but it leaves me feeling much more energized than I thought possible and I do have to remember that that was my original intent.

After all, that is such an interesting concept that I will be energized after working my tail off.  Oh well, leave it up to science to explain.

But all that to say, I am loving the fact that I have had some friends to play pool basketball with because now that I am getting in much better shape, I can keep up and in fact, attack the basketball like Shaq did in his NBA days.  So bring it, I’m losing this bunch and I’m ready to conquer the world one day at a time.


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