Legacy for our kids

What kind of legacy are we leaving our kids?  I’ve been trying to ask myself this question over the past several months and I have a few things I wish to impart to Harrison and I actually wanted to start writing a list but ultimately, I want to impart just one thing to him.

This thing that I want to impart to him is probably the easiest thing to say, as a Christian, but the hardest to do.

I want Harrison (and baby #2 whenever we start trying again) to be the best man of God of his generation (I know, what a small undertaking).  I want others to look at him and know that he is a man after God’s own heart.  And that is the issue I am facing because I see him and know that he is a sinner.  He is so selfish and so focused on getting what he wants that I can’t begin to reconcile the two together.  I can’t fathom that he is going to be the most generous person as he continues to fuss if he doesn’t get that special toy in Target (sorry, Walmart I hate you).

I’m learning as I go but I am showing him slowly what it means to pray and what it means to read your Bible and I am hoping to show him what a Christian looks like every single day until I turn 18, but it is hard.  And what makes it harder is that I can’t have this long extensive talk on what a disciple looks like because he is not even 3.

I need your help as I am sure that you need mine.  What things do you do to instill these Christian values into your kids?  And what advice would you have for someone who is just learning to become the father God is calling him to be?  And how do you teach when words aren’t able to be comprehended?

I wrote this not because we are at a major crisis but because I don’t want to ever reach the point where it is too late.  Harrison is great and my wife and I are doing a sufficient job but I yearn to do more and more each day to help him look more and more like Christ.   And I don’t want to reinvent the wheel because some of your kids are awesome so I want to learn from you.  And some of you did a horrible job and I want to know what you did wrong (just kidding, I wanted to throw that in there to see if you are reading).

So what’s a parent to do?


2 thoughts on “Legacy for our kids

  1. Ahhhhh a subject very close to my heart as a mother of a just turned 4 year old. I think about this topic all the time. The key bit of advice I would give is to pray for Harrison. I pray for our son and I am the world’s worst person of prayer. Nothing has motivated me to pray more than being given the privilege and responsibility of looking after this miracle boy of ours for our Lord. Blows me away…
    The other bit of advice – remember that we too are still sinners saved by grace alone and so we must give grace to our children and be prepared to say sorry to them when we make mistakes (over reaction to something they have done, not articulating ourselves well, being inconsistent – I could go on).
    I love your vision for your son. I pray that you and your wife will see it fulfilled. Our vision for your son and our son is the same. Dependable men of God. Leaders for God, big-hearted and on mission.

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