Suck the life out of it

I love puzzles.  I love riddles.  But I’ve realized that my favorite thing about them is not the act of solving them.  But of being finished solving them.

And it is the same way with books and TV shows.  I love reading/watching my way through them but sometimes I just want to be done and check those off my list.  I take a lot of pride out of finishing something time consuming.  I love being able to say that I’ve read the whole Harry Potter series or the Lord of the Rings series.  Or that I’ve watched the Wire all the way through or that I own every season of Lost and have watched 3 times through.  You might call me a nerd but I’m jealous of you being able to watch those through without knowing what is coming next.  I feel that you are missing out if you don’t read/watch those things. 

You see, certain events that take place in my life are amazing and I love those experiences but I have been realizing that I do not enjoy the journey as much as I wish to. 

So I’m trying to take everything as it comes my way and suck the life out of it.  Not to deplete it but to absorb all I can from it.  Because everything that comes our way in this life can make us better.  They can make us realize the depths that we have to strive toward to be that great person we were meant to be.


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