Here’s to you, Victoria

This journey of life usually centers around certain events that cannot be explained but only experienced.  I can describe to you what it feels like to work where I work, but until you experience it, you can’t comprehend what I’m telling you.  And this is true of most experiences in this life.  I am not faulting it for that.  It’s just how it is. 

I’ve had this great journey over the past 4 years that can’t be explained.  It has involved many ups and many downs.  Many trials.  Many pains.  But at the same time, it has been a wonderful ride and I wouldn’t swap it for anything else. 

That experience has reached another milestone today and I am glad to have been on the ride.  I feel like many times I’m on the verge of falling off only to be picked up again but I’m still here.  Still moving forward.  Still loving where I’m being taken.  Still holding on tightly with all that I have. 

So here’s to you, Victoria, for another great year together.  I love all that we’ve done this year and been a part of.  I look forward to what comes next as we take even bigger steps than we have before.

I love you dearly and hope that I continue to live up to who you dreamed about as a little girl.


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