Time doesn’t stand still

I am in this phase of discovering what I want.  And I honestly have a great picture of what I want my next 5 years to look like but I’m impatient.  I yearn for this great end result but I don’t like waiting to achieve it.  I don’t like suffering in the meantime while anxiously yearning for what is to come.

So I’ve been trying to do the things I want to see come about more and more in my spare time.  And it has been awesome.  Awesome because I’ve been able to see a little bit more of what I am made for.  Awesome because I’ve been able to start a journey toward a place I never thought possible.

But it is also frustrating because I can’t do more of it and for the first time, I wish my time opened up to do more of what I want to do because I’m actually doing it.  I am actually using my time more toward what I wish to see come about and not earnestly wishing for more time so I can “start to work on my dreams”. 

When I was in college, I complained about not having time to do all the things I loved but looking back, I had a ton of free time and yearn to get that again.  I wasted a ton of time in college and I feel like I am making up for lost time now. 

So my ramblin’ challenge for you today:  Don’t take time for granted.  Use it wisely because it will slip by and you will wonder where it has all gone.  Don’t do what I did and yearn for something in emotions but not be responsive in use of time through actions.


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