Happy Birthday Harrison!!!

My son is 3 years old today.  This year has been a testament to how far you have come.  I can’t even begin to remember what you were like at 2 or 1 before that.  You have taken on such a great personality that it is hard to see you growing up so much more over the next few years.

You truly astonish me and show me how great it is to be a father.  A father who spends most of his time trying to keep up with you and your wild ways.  But all in all, I would not trade a single moment for anything else.  Even the moments where you are throwing a loud enough temper in Target to have young ladies staring our way to see what I could be doing wrong.  Even the times you cry out in that high pitched scream that sends shivers through my bones. 

I love you and I am truly trying to be the best I can be to see you grow deeper and deeper into who you are.  It is my simple hope that you would become the greatest man of your generation for God’s kingdom and I am baffled by your love for great stories and heroes. 

You are now “reading” more than I am and attacking life with everything you have and I am fascinated by watching your curiousity get the better of you.  Don’t lose that insatiable hunger to experience more.  It will take you on great journeys. 

I love you and I can’t wait to see all that you are going to become.  Keep reaching for the stars and just let your mom and I join in with it all.   We love you and thank God everyday for you.


Leading worship every few months

A couple of Sundays ago, I was able to lead worship fully for the first time in a few months.  It is such a different experience leading every few months after doing it every week for 5+ years.  As my friend Mike has pointed out before to me, you don’t take it for granted because you have months to think through it.  You just prepare as best as you can and go for it.  Honestly, I didn’t care too much about the mistakes that I may or may not have made.  I just let them roll off me. 

Looking back, I enjoyed the experience.  I yearn for more opportunities but I know that God is preparing me for big things coming up and I’m just trying to enjoy the ride.  I’m not trying to force anything to happen but just take things as they come my way.

One of the great things about leading at Awestruck was the fact that I got to lead with only the accompaniment of a cello player.  I know that some in the band were jealous because I got to do an acoustic set with a cello but they were at a festival in Kentucky so I didn’t feel too bad for them.  In fact, I got to enjoy all of it in both services.  And as I usually do, I tend to change things up a bit every time I play a song.

The best part was that Justin and I were both in sync with the path I took so we didn’t get to struggle through some of the normal nuances of playing in a band.  Playing as a duo was a lot more freeing than I have previously had even when I was leading every week.  It was just a different experience and one that I enjoyed very much. 

In closing, these are some of my many ramblings on recent events.  I hope you enjoyed.  What have you been up to lately?  Done anything that brought back some great memories?


With the anticipation for fantasy football beginning, I can’t help but be impressed by all the recent developments going on.  There are so many stories breaking that it is hard for me to keep up in today’s sports world.  And I am confused by all the goings-on in each sport but what I am becoming more and more mesmerized with is this central question:  

How does someone write about football 24/7? 
How can you be consumed with something so focused?  So narrow? 

I know that that is something unusual to think about when reading about the NFL.   

I wish I had the focus of someone to just write about one topic.  That one thing that would center me.  It is honestly something I have been struggling through the past few years because I feel like a focus is what I need.  I’m so divided.  Speaking to students.  Leading music.  Writing.  All these things are things I would love to produce on a regular basis but harnessing them into just one thing is astonishingly hard. 

So as I read the fantasy football magazines and websites, I am encouraged to focus on one thing.  To narrow my ideas into one central point. 

I tend to find that the most random things are the things that lead me to epiphanies. 


The summit is worth it

Last week, my wife and I got to spend some time together celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary alone.  Yes, if you read that last sentence as if I wrote, the last word would be all CAPITALS.  Its not that we don’t love our son, far from it.  It is just that he is crazy and wild.  Like all almost-3-year-olds.

But while celebrating, we took a day to go hiking Stone Mountain, NC.  It was a good time but honestly, I realized just how out of shape I truly am.  Because each step up that mountain, I was worn out.  Not just because I couldn’t keep pushing myself further faster but simply because I did not want to keep going.  At times, I had to stop and rest and I am sure my now-muscular wife didn’t want to think about trying to carry me up the mountain.  But she was a good sport and simply encouraged me to keep going. 

She even encouraged me to realize that the summit of the mountain was worth it.  Isn’t it always that way?  Most great experiences have a little bit of trouble before getting there.  But I’m becoming more and more convinced that if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it.

And so I challenge you today to do the hard things that are on your mind and not settle for something less than a mountaintop experience.

Update into my life

Since the end of July, I’ve gotten a new job (or more accurately, got an old job back).  One where I can get some of the things I would not have time for if it wasn’t for a chance to get away.  I have been blessed to get a job at a receiving gate for truck drivers.  It is more like a security job but I don’t wear a uniform and get to sit at a desk all the time.  I honestly am able to read books and write and do some things that life tends to distract me from doing. 

Essentially, I get to do things I have longed to have time to do and it is exhilarating.  So in the coming days and weeks, prepare to be met with more of me.  I think that that is better but only time will tell. 

Thanks for reading this small update into my life.  Hope all is well with you.