With the anticipation for fantasy football beginning, I can’t help but be impressed by all the recent developments going on.  There are so many stories breaking that it is hard for me to keep up in today’s sports world.  And I am confused by all the goings-on in each sport but what I am becoming more and more mesmerized with is this central question:  

How does someone write about football 24/7? 
How can you be consumed with something so focused?  So narrow? 

I know that that is something unusual to think about when reading about the NFL.   

I wish I had the focus of someone to just write about one topic.  That one thing that would center me.  It is honestly something I have been struggling through the past few years because I feel like a focus is what I need.  I’m so divided.  Speaking to students.  Leading music.  Writing.  All these things are things I would love to produce on a regular basis but harnessing them into just one thing is astonishingly hard. 

So as I read the fantasy football magazines and websites, I am encouraged to focus on one thing.  To narrow my ideas into one central point. 

I tend to find that the most random things are the things that lead me to epiphanies. 



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