Leading worship every few months

A couple of Sundays ago, I was able to lead worship fully for the first time in a few months.  It is such a different experience leading every few months after doing it every week for 5+ years.  As my friend Mike has pointed out before to me, you don’t take it for granted because you have months to think through it.  You just prepare as best as you can and go for it.  Honestly, I didn’t care too much about the mistakes that I may or may not have made.  I just let them roll off me. 

Looking back, I enjoyed the experience.  I yearn for more opportunities but I know that God is preparing me for big things coming up and I’m just trying to enjoy the ride.  I’m not trying to force anything to happen but just take things as they come my way.

One of the great things about leading at Awestruck was the fact that I got to lead with only the accompaniment of a cello player.  I know that some in the band were jealous because I got to do an acoustic set with a cello but they were at a festival in Kentucky so I didn’t feel too bad for them.  In fact, I got to enjoy all of it in both services.  And as I usually do, I tend to change things up a bit every time I play a song.

The best part was that Justin and I were both in sync with the path I took so we didn’t get to struggle through some of the normal nuances of playing in a band.  Playing as a duo was a lot more freeing than I have previously had even when I was leading every week.  It was just a different experience and one that I enjoyed very much. 

In closing, these are some of my many ramblings on recent events.  I hope you enjoyed.  What have you been up to lately?  Done anything that brought back some great memories?


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